SOINLIFTOSOMEvisuelmannequinavecmasquearrondiThe Liftosome Facial treatment is best suited for mature skins, and aims to energize, tighten and firm using Vitamin C to brighten the skin. Liftosome relaxes features, smoothes away fine lines and adds a luminous glow to the complexion.
Since both age and fatigue encourage sagging skin and a diminution of firmness caused by a combination of factors including a decrease in cellular cohesion and activity, diminution of elastic fiber synthesis, the effects of free radicals and UVA rays and poor oxygenation of the skin’s cells, this facial has been directly targeted to repair the damage. Designed as more than merely a “lifting” treatment, the LIFTOSOME FACIAL acts on two levels, vertically for a firming action and horizontally to tighten the skin. Visually its effects are immediate with skin visibly enhanced at its conclusion.
How Does it work?
To inaugurate the facial following a thorough cleansing of the face, neck and eye area, a Firming Serum is applied with light effleurage movements until completely absorbed. The serum is a cocktail of Vitamin E, Vitamin F and Vitamin C to stimulate and invigorate, Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize, Soya Extract to stimulate synthesis of collagen fibers, Horsetail Extract to help restructure the elastic fibers and Liftiline to begin the tightening effect. Overall, its object is to help repair the mesh of elastic tissues which provide the skin’s supportive structure.
In the second step of the firming process, the Firming Creme is applied in a thick layer over the entire face and neck. A stimulant to cellular activity, the Creme is a formulation of Phylderm for Oxygenation and the boosting of cellular activity, Collagen to firm and restructure tissues and Ginseng to regenerate. The skin is now prepared for the next step, the Lifting Modeling Mask. A smooth paste of orange extracts which contains Vitamin C is applied over the gauze and left on for fifteen minutes as it dries and hardens. Due to its special heating action, it encourages the penetration of the active ingredients of the Firming Serum/Creme blend which work in tandem to increase the skin’s firmness.
After the mask is removed with a gentle tug of the gauze, the skin is rinsed with water and toning lotion and to finalize massage the skin with the lifting massage gel over the entire face and neck. Containing wheat protein extracts to help restore surface elasticity and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, Chitin to moisturize and repair, Horse Chestnut Extracts to soothe, relax and stimulate, orange extracts to brighten and purify the complexion and encapsulated Vitamin C, a free radical scavenger, the gel used during the massage delivers the tighter look that is the signature of the Liftosome treatment.