Guinot Treatments

guinot-paris-300x194Through their expert service and line of skin care products, Guinot Skin Care Treatments have come to be looked upon as the top skin treatment collection in renowned beauty salons and shops all over the world. Guinot, with its cutting edge beauty products and treatment methods, has been in the beauty realm for many years. Spas and salons providing its treatments have been chosen as the preferred establishments by both women and men who expect the very best when it comes to the care of their skin.

If your goal is to have skin that is smoother, softer, and more beautiful, then Guinot Treatments are a skin care option worth looking into. The Guinot Company was formed in 1963 by Rene Guinot. Guinot was a chemist who had done much studying and research on the proper care of the skin. His wife was a beauty therapist, and he started the company as a way to her with a line of high quality products. It got off to a slow start, but when Guinot developed his new hydradermie treatment, the company’s outlook became a lot brighter. Branches were started up in Germany, Mexico, and, eventually, in over 65 countries throughout the world. In the United States, customers can enjoy the benefits of the Guinot program in over 1100 spas and salons.

The Guinot line is geared toward three basic groups that include facial, body, and sun products. The Guinot Treatments not only make use of its top quality products, but they also adhere to the company’s policy of providing professional guidance regarding the use of these products and its philosophy that each person’s skin is different because of varying types of exposure in their environments and different levels of stress in their individual lives.

Guinot Treatments are made up of many different types of therapies and remedies. Some of them are specific to certain areas of the body, such as the use of a gentle electrical stream that is combined with certain of their eye products to treat dark circles, puffiness, or lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Others might target the body as a whole providing total relaxation of both mind and body, for example, while their exfoliation products are put to use to get rid of dead skin cells and to make the skin look and feel younger and smoother.

At the salon, a Guinot customer or client will be assigned a therapist who will see exclusively to the wants and needs of that particular customer. Together they will choose features of the Guinot treatment plans that will most benefit the client and do the most to make them look and feel their best. Guinot is constantly modernizing their methods to insure they are the most efficient and pleasurable and that they produce the best and most recognizable results.