Aromatic Corps

Aromatic-CorpsDiscover the benefits of essential oils in this 100% natural, customizable treatment. The Aromatic Corps Minceur slims, detoxifies and tones, while the Aromatic Corps Douceur exfoliates, relaxes and softens the skin.
Based on the skincare benefits of essential oils, clients can choose from Aromatic Corps Minceur, a body contouring treatment, or Aromatic Corps Douceur, a skin-smoothing treatment.
Aromatic Corps Minceur incorporates essential oils to slim, detoxify, and tone the body while relaxing the senses. First, skin is prepped with an exfoliating blend of sugarcane, lemon and papaya extracts to remove dead skin and allow for optimal penetration of ingredients. Next, the body is treated to Guinot’s signature 30-minute lymphatic drainage massage with Anti-Cellulite Detoxifying Oil, which stimulates the breakdown of lipids and decongests skin with essential oils of cypress, apricot kernel and grape seed, along with green tea extract and Lipokinases. Then, the body is enveloped a self-heating Anti-Water Retention Sauna Mask featuring clay and green tea to help reduce water retention and eliminate toxins. Afterward, skin is hydrated with one of Guinot’s moisturizers.
Following the treatment, the body appears slimmer and smoother, and the appearance of cellulite is diminished.

Aromatic Corps Douceur incorporates essential oils to soften, smooth, and relax the body as well as the soul. First, skin is treated to a 35-minute rubdown using Guinot’s Sugar-Kiwi Body Scrub with exfoliating kiwi seeds, salt, white sugar, and brown sugar blended with softening coconut, palm and coprah oils. Next, the body is indulged in a smoothing and uplifting massage with Guinot’s Energizing Toning Oil with grapefruit, lemon, and sweet orange essential oils. Or, give skin a natural-looking golden tan with Guinot’s signature self-tanning treatment, which gives skin an all-over bronze with the sweet smell of caramel.
After the treatment, skin is soft, smooth, perfectly toned, and evenly tanned.