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Daniella-skin-Care-DaySpa-4Daniella Skin Care
With nearly 17 years in the aesthetic and the salon/spa industry, Daniella Bogojel is committed to helping her clients feel better about how they look. A loyal student of GUINOT INSTITUT* treatment techniques, Daniella focuses on providing the finest in service and delivery with every treatment.
After leaving Romania immediately after high school, Daniella moved to Hungary, Austria, and Germany where she worked odd jobs in the beauty industry. She always wanted to be in the medical field, so in 1990 she decided to move to the United States to pursue her dreams.
Daniella graduated from Pivot Point International Academy in 1993 where she focused on skin care and esthetics. Following her graduation, she worked at Michael Thomas Salon in aesthetics and massage, where she also began her training at the GUINOT Institute of Research and MG Institute to study the electrolysis permanent hair removal method. During this time, Daniella was able to mix and perfect her learned techniques for a perfect combination.
After leaving Michael Thomas in 1998, Daniella decided to open her own spa, Daniella’s Spa & Electrology in the Pittsfield Building in Chicago’s loop area. In 2003, she moved her business to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, 737 N. Michigan, where she is currently located.
Daniella specializes in the Brazilian bikini wax, acne treatments, and electrolysis. She knows treatments like electrolysis may not be the quick, easy or popular answer to hair removal, but she knows it’s the best. “It is a tedious and delicate process, but it is the ONLY permanent hair solution available. It can work on everyone despite their skin color or hair type.” Daniella truly works hard on educating her clients are how to take better care of their skin.
Daniella is a consummate professional, but she puts her heart and personality into everything she does. “I’ve learned that working hard and being committed to helping people feel happier with their appearance in a HEALTHY way is the most important thing.”
Having the opportunity to know clients in such a personal and intimate way, oftentimes gives them the confidence and trust to try other body treatments. “I am so grateful to be able to provide such an intimate service like a bikini wax. And sometimes after maybe five years, we talk about skin care on other parts of the body.”
Daniella is not motivated by monetary reward. She is inspired by helping people in whatever she can. “Knowing each individual, seeing their body change, and being able to help a little if I can is what makes everyday a little more interesting day. I am very affectionate about what I do and the people I serve. This is the most important thing to me.”
Daniella aspires to change the nature of skin care through a holistic approach. Her practice incorporates medical science, chiropractic treatments, dietary analysis, and cosmetology. She also hopes to be able to teach and open a school one day.

*World renowned GUINOT INSTITUT is a 45 year old company dedicated to providing innovative skin care products that meet the unique needs of everyday people. Created in France by chemical engineer Rene Guinot, it was initially born out of his wife’s need for high quality beauty products. Over the next 40 years, GUINOT has established itself as a leader in the skin care industry.


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